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Climatizer PLUS

The CLIMATITER PLUS insulation in a heat and acoustic insulation made of celullose fibres with great technological attributes.  Its unique application by pneumatic blowing provides the building construction with a compact layer with a perfect solution of details without gaps and thermal bridges.In 1994 the product received the "Environmentally friendly product 01-01"label. The use ofCLIMATIZER PLUS not only brings financial savings connected to heating and air-conditioning of buildings, but it also protects the environment and saves energy resources.



Technological parametres



Thermal conductivity coefficient(accodring to application)


Usage in thermal range

od -50 °C do 80 °C (krátkodobě až 105 °C)

Heat penetration coefficient of 25mm thickness

U = 0.152 W / m2K

Volume weight for application

27 - 90 kg / m3

Class of reaction to fire (dry application and sprayed with water)

C-s1, d0

Class of reaction to fire (sprayed with Karsil agglutinant)

B-s1, d0

Class of reaction to fire(sprayed with SOKRAT agglutinant)

D-s1, d0

Class of reaction to fire (dry application into a closed gap)

B-s1, d0

Flame propagation index

is = 0,00 mm / min

Gross heating value

13,88 MJ / kg

Gross calorific value

10,58 MJ / kg

Settled moisture at 23°C and 80% relative humidity


Specific heat capacity

cd = 1907 J / (kg.K)

Diffuse resistence

μ = 1,1 - 3

Air circulation resistence

3,0 kPa.s / m2