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The joint-stock company FORNAX a.s. builds up on the activities of the company Schöberl & Co., founded in 1892 in the construction field of thermal units for the needs of different industrial sectors. Under this name worked the company until 1951, when it became a part of Prague Teplotechna n.p., factory Karlovy Vary. Since 1992 up to the present, the company is registered as Fornax a.s. Karlovy Vary.

From the original small “stove company" founded in the 19th century, when the main focus was on the stove linings, kilns and fireplaces, which more in 100 years has become an important and respected refractory-making company in the region Northwest Bohemia. Especially in the last 50 years, the company has experienced a major boom, and participated in the lining of important energy blocks, fuel trusts, petrochemical industry, industry of building materials and the firing of porcelain, heat treatment of metals.

Fornax is a company with more than 100-year tradition in the field of fire-resistant linings, complex supplies of kilns and special construction work. It is located in the very heart of the pearls of the Czech spa with its beautiful colonnades, in Karlovy Vary, which are known not only for its natural curative resources, but also of a number other companies, such as. Moser, Becherovka, Mattoni, Vřídlo, Karlovy Vary porcelain factories and, of course, it is necessary to mention also the traditional Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Our experience in this field have become after privatization in 1992, a stepping stone for the further development of the company. In a few more years the company managed not only to continue and develop cooperation with existing partners, but to gain a number of other partners abroad. The results of our work you can find not only in most countries of Europe, but in Asia, North America and Africa as well.

In 1993 Fornax extended the special building services with building insulation. In 2009 the company was entered into the “List of professional suppliers” within the framework of the Ministry of environment “Green to savings" focused on energy saving and renewable sources of homes in houses and apartment buildings.

In all the time the company has gained extensive experience in the field of refractory and thermally insulating linings, heat units that apply to the design and implementation of the contracts in the Czech Republic and abroad.




The company built its own building yard with an area of approximately 3ha as background of the company. There is a heated production hall with crane, locksmith and mechanical workshop, carpentry and extensive assembly and storage facilities. It is where the semi-finished products are made to be used in construction or where all the entire kilns or parts of them are completed and assembled, which are then packaged and exported to the customer either in the Czech Republic or abroad.

Part of our production capacity is also metalwork, here the kilns construction and other accessories are produced, repairs and similarly.

We provide engineering, manufacture and assembly of:




Under the above named sections of the production program, the company provides a range of activities:


Our products are made up of more than 120 years of experience in the field of production of thermal equipment and accessories, and are always designed and manufactured according to the latest conditions of technology and results of scientific research in this area. The company’s goal is to create work of the highest quality for the customer. The most appropriate solution applied in accordance with the latest technical knowledge in the field, uses certified materials of domestic and foreign producers and emphasizes maximum life durability, efficiency and environment-friendliness. Provides warranty and post - warranty service as well.

FORNAX a.s. designs and supplies installation of refractory linings, material supplies included. The operating conditions available in the customer’s plant are taken into account so that the resulting design is most appropriate in terms of environment, economy (energy and material requirements) and service life.

FORNAX a.s. performs refractory linings of the following installations:


Materials are supplied by Czech and international producers and test certificates are a guarantee of required and well-proven quality in conformity with ISO 9000 standard.

Manufacture and servicing of electric or gas-fired industrial kilns represents an essential part of the FORNAX stock company production programme.

The kilns from the production programme of the company are intended for heat treatment, in particular in the following industries:


Range of kiln units is very wide. The application of quality materials for linings and the use of reliable, modern control systems of top electrical engineering guarantees the level of outcome: the costumer gets a device on a high technical level that meets the conditions for the introduction of ISO 9000 in the technological process.

The kiln equipment is made according to the customer’s individual specifications. Design, planning, construction, manufacture, assembly and commissioning are all pursuing a single objective: to supply a fully operative unit in conformity to the customer’s needs. On our devices we use control systems like Siemens Simatic, Omron, Mitsubishi, B & R.

The company FORNAX supplies industrial kilns including associated parts: exhausts of combustion gases, heat recovery systems, chimneys, railways etc. Products are manufactured always with maximal care and using the most advanced techniques. Designs and calculations are realized in 3D programs of the company AUTODESK INVENTOR and E-PLAN.

FORNAX designs, plans, produces and installs heat recovery systems for the utilization of waste heat of heat aggregates. Assembly is performed with regard to characteristics of the given heat installation, making use of the existing layout and respecting the customer’s requirement of the output demand of heated air or water. These devices usually have an annual return on embedded costs in relation to energy savings with the possibility of utilization of waste heat recovery for heating, drying, heating water etc.

In recent years, we have established cooperation with large international firms such as Aichelin, Ceric, Riedhammer, Eisenmann, Rath, Sacmi, Wienerberger.

Our major partners include companies such as Siemens, Skoda-Volkswagen Group, Moser, Morgan Thermal Ceramics, Lapp Insulators, Wistra, Royal Dux, g. Benedikt, ČEZ, Thun 1794.

FORNAX can offer a comprehensive service which will satisfy even the most demanding customer.