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Since 1993 the manufactuting programme of FORNAX a.s. has been focused on thermal insulation of buildings. In 2009 the company was entered into the “List of professional suppliers” within the framework of the “New Green savings”.


We do:


The aim of building insulation is to improve customer´s living for these reasons:

  1. Economic reasons:
    • to reduce energy intensity and thus reduce annual cost of heating by insulating the building
    • lower power consumption enables installation of a smaller heat source and more easily adjustable heater which is cheaper and more economical
    • the insulation enables you to start the heating season later and to end it sooner
    • money invested into insulation is a higly returnable investment
    • it is financially convenient to do the insulation when doing reconstruction, repairs or building exterior sanitation (see technical reasons)
  2. Technical reasons:
  3. ​insulation helps to limit static straining of vertical and horizontal constructions under the influence of outside temperature and in-leak into the constructions.
  4. to limit carbonatation of concrete and corrosion of mounting in block of flats.
  5. to cover thermal bridges of siding and thus reducing the risk of defects of the peripheral construction surface
  6. to reduce the risk of interior water vapour condensation and mould growth on the interior construction
  7. to reduce heat loss and energy for heating due to sub-standart peripheral walls
  8. to improve acoustic attributes of peripheral skin
  9. the thermal comfort of the rooms inside the property is improved
  10. acumulative properties of the peripheral skin are better when the exterior is insulated
  11. summer season overheating of the building is prevented
  12. new architectonic and color treatment of the coat is done